East Lambrook’s Famous Snowdrops

East Lambrook Manor’s famous ditch with banks of Snowdrops, Galanthus sp. © Karen Andrews

After the flurry of December’s Advent Botany posts, my blog was unfortunately silent in January. Editing the SRPG’s 25th anniversary newsletter kept me occupied. However, with the Snowdrop Festival season now upon us, I could not resist a long-awaited visit to East Lambrook’s famous Snowdrop ditch. I checked the weather forecast and set off for the Somerset village of East Lambrook near South Petherton. Although the sky was overcast, it did not feel chill and the rain was holding off. The temperature has to be 7ºC or above for Snowdrop flowers to open and be appreciated at their best.

East Lambrook Manor boasts an outstanding collection of some 160 Snowdrop species and cultivars. Galanthophiles rave over the subtle differences in form and markings. The choice is somewhat overwhelming, but eventually, I settled on Galanthus plicatus ‘Phil Cornish’ with its exquisite green markings as my favourite of the day. There were more than a few runners-up.

Galanthus plicatus ‘Phil Cornish’ with its exquisite green markings. © Karen Andrews

As I walked around the garden, I admired the planting schemes. Marjery Fish’s winter plant combinations are a great inspiration to gardeners. I noted her brilliant selection of trees and shrubs. Even deciduous trees can offer winter colour, contrast and interest if chosen for their trunks and stems. The underplanting of snowdrops also stood out with an accompaniment of bright yellow Winter Aconites and nodding flowers of emerging Hellebores.

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East Lambrook Manor Gardens Website


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