RHS Wisley in March

March Hares in front of Wisley’s Glasshouse. Dancing Hares bronze sculpture by Sophie Ryder. © Karen Andrews

In early March, I had an opportunity to visit RHS Wisley. This photo blog summarises my visit. Bright, early spring flowers peeped out through the largely grey, overcast day. They offered the hope that they would soon take over from the winter-flowering shrubs and the long harsh winter. Crocus flowers were out in force.

Crocus flowers were out in numbers at Wisley in March. Above are Crocus ‘Flower Record’ (violet) ‘Pickwick’ (striped white and violet) and ‘Jeanne d’Arc’ (white). © Karen Andrews

Early flowering Daffodils were out on the hill.

Daffodils, Narcissus ‘Rijnveld’s Early Sensation’, flowering on Wisley’s hill. © Karen Andrews

I made a beeline for the Alpine House because whatever the weather you can always find plenty of colour there. It didn’t disappoint and I enjoyed the winter-flowering shrubs in Bowles’ Corner on the way. Edgeworthia chyrsantha particularly caught my eye with its exquisite flowers on bare stems.

A riot of colour never seems to fail in Wisley’s Alpine House. © Karen Andrews

The new Hilltop science building had opened since my last visit. I enjoyed the view from the Sky Terrace on top of the new building. It overlooked the World Food Garden, Vineyard, Orchard and allotments to the rear.

Wisley’s new Hilltop science building with Narcissus ‘February Gold’ in the foreground. © Karen Andrews

I was lucky to catch the end of the Houseplant Takeover Exhibition inside the Glasshouse. Young children seemed to love its creativity with fish hanging overhead.

A boat smothered in houseplants in Wisley’s Glasshouse exhibition entitled Houseplant Takeover. © Karen Andrews

I ended an enjoyable day amid the profusely-flowering Hellebores and Witch Hazels. The sun even came out briefly to shine upon a suitably-named Sunburst cultivar.

Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Sunburst’ with a carpet of white Crocus flowers. © Karen Andrews


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