Snowdrops in Wells

Snowdrops in the sunshine at the Bishop’s Palace in Wells, Somerset
© Karen Netto (Andrews)

The day before Storm Ciara descended upon us with her worst, I visited the Bishop’s Palace Gardens in Wells. The sunshine was out for the opening day of the February Snowdrop Weekends. A map available at the entrance highlighted all the Snowdrop locations. The best display was undoubtedly inside the gardens in the Arboretum. A selection of my photos follows:

Masses of Snowdrops carpeted the floor of the Arboretum. © Karen Netto (Andrews)
Carpet of Snowdrops inside the Bishop’s Palace Gardens with Wells Cathedral as a backdrop
© Karen Netto (Andrews)

There are also Snowdrops beside the moat, both inside and outside the gardens.

Snowdrops and Primroses beside the Bishop’s Palace moat in Wells, Somerset. © Karen Netto (Andrews)

Snowdrops also lined the path between coppiced trees.

Snowdrops lined the path. © Karen Netto (Andrews)
Snowdrops amid the coppiced trees. © Karen Netto (Andrews)
Snowdrops reward you with the most exquisite markings when you look closely
© Karen Netto (Andrews)

© Karen Netto (Andrews)

Snowdrops beside the Bishop‘s Palace moat in Wells, Somerset
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