Another Six Garden Flowers

Agapanthus as seen through rain-streaked window from the house today © Karen Andrews

True to form, as soon as I got my camera out to choose six flowers to photograph from my mother’s garden, the heavens opened again. I quite like the shot taken of the Agapanthus through a rain-streaked window nonetheless.

Below are a further 5 pictures taken once the rain had passed over.

Top of tall Verbena bonariensis, Purpletop Vervain. © Karen Andrews
Clematis is always a firm favourite. © Karen Andrews
Pot of large-flowered Fuchsias © Karen Andrews
Sweet-smelling Honeysuckle, Lonicera, from the bottom of the garden. © Karen Andrews
Mahonia berries. © Karen Andrews

Mahonia, Oregon Grape, berries barely get a chance to ripen in our garden before our resident Blackbirds pick them off. Our dominant male Blackbird, Turdus merula, barely lets any other garden bird get a look in. He guards the berries with steadfast resolve from intruders.

© Karen Andrews

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