Six Garden Flowers for Saturday

Freshly-opening pink Rose after yesterday’s deluge of rain. © Karen Netto (Andrews)

Anyone who watched BBC Springwatch last night would know that the South West of England was hit by heavy downpours. In fact, at times the deluge resembled monsoon-like rain. The garden’s white Roses and Delphiniums were heavily hit. Here are a few of the survivors and freshly-opening buds for my Six on Saturday.

Yellow Rose buds in front of the bird table. © Karen Netto (Andrews)

The first summer-flowering Clematis are now appearing.

First Clematis flower with buds and garden mirror behind. © Karen Netto (Andrews)

A Delphinium that just about survived the downpours.

Delphinium: one of my favourite flowers. © Karen Netto (Andrews)
Purple Verbena in the front garden. © Karen Netto (Andrews)

Still keeping an eye on pollinators in the garden, I noticed a Hoverfly visiting this Verbena flower.

Pink and white Verbena with Hoverfly (bottom of picture). © Karen Netto (Andrews)

I feel lucky to have such a pretty flower garden to convalesce in after my operation. I can’t imagine how people have managed without access to a garden during the Coronavirus shutdown. I wonder if the experience will change housebuilders’ approach to garden space in future?

© Karen Netto (Andrews)

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