Bowood Woodland Garden

Magnolia against a cobalt blue sky © Karen Andrews.

I visited Bowood Woodland Gardens during my Easter break. The gardens form a separate part of the Bowood Estate near Calne in Wiltshire and are open for a 6-week period between April and June. As the garden is an RHS partner, I was able to visit for free using my RHS membership. I initially followed the outer periphery of the garden and then zigzagged around the various meandering, internal paths.

The Magnolias were glorious. The cobalt blue Easter sky set them off to perfection.

The garden is famous Rhododendrons and Azaleas. It was developed by the third Marquis of Lansdowne from 1854 and contains many original hardy hybrid Rhododendrons that were previously thought extinct. My walk made me reminisce about past visits to the Great Gardens of Cornwall and Kew’s Rhododendron Dell. The Rhododendrons were not yet at their peak. Several bushes were nonetheless covered in flowers and buds.

Rhododendron full of flowers and opening buds. © Karen Andrews.
Rhododendron full of flowers at Bowood Woodland Garden. © Karen Andrews
Camellia flower. © Karen Andrews

Bluebells coming into flower over Easter at Bowood Woodland Gardens. © Karen Andrews

I perched for a while on an 18th-century tree stump. Its dates were etched into the trunk: 1753-2018. Later, as I made my way back up the hill, a heavily pregnant lady was standing on the stump posing for her husband to take a photograph. It seems extraordinary that their child could live into the 22nd century.

I was surprised how large the Woodland Garden was. I spent several hours there strolling along the many paths and up and down the slopes. I decided to save a visit to the main Bowood Estate for another day.

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