Peace Lily as an Air Purifier?

Spathiphyllum is commonly known as the Peace Lily because of its resemblance to a white flag of truce in the way it is held up above its leaves.

Spathiphyllum is often chosen as a gift because it is an easy-to-grow house plant that is forgiving of low light conditions. It is often seen marked as a good air purifier. I wondered how true this claim is and did a little research on the subject.

NASA Research

The air purifying claim dates back to some 1989 NASA research. The Peace Lily was one of the best performers in this study. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to replicate the results. Replication builds confidence in science. The unfortunate conclusion is that while the plant does remove some pollutants, you would need an awful lot of indoor plants (at least 93!) to gain any real benefit. The best courses of action are to open the window and avoid pollutants in the first place. Unfortunately, plants continue to be advertised as air purifiers, when they have many more characteristics to offer.

Spathiphyllum, Peace Lily as Christmas gift in a sparkly silver pot


COVID lockdowns increased the public’s appreciation of having an accessible space outside and greenery inside the home. Interest in houseplants increased as a way to improve the home environment. Plants can have a positive effect on well-being, even if they cannot be considered effective air purifiers.

Thus, the Peace Lily becomes a Christmas gift of well-being that is not stressful to look after. It stands a chance of survival with even the least green-fingered of friends and family.

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