Hidcote Garden Visit

It had been a long-held desire to visit the famous Hidcote garden in Gloucestershire. I finally achieved that ambition this summer. The garden is famous for its design in the Arts and Crafts style.

Garden Rooms

At first sight, the garden seemed much smaller than I had expected. The garden gradually revealed in a series of rooms, regularly surprising with a glimpse through to a new section. The enclosed formality of the inner sections gradually gives way to a more naturalistic, open areas.

National Trust

The garden is maintained by the National Trust. Some volunteers were just completing a busy session as we arrived. The National Trust is heavily reliant on its volunteers. Many gardens have struggled to maintain their pristine standards during the Coronavirus lockdown. Various parts of the garden had apologetic notices. It seems that rabbits, badgers and moles had taken advantage of the absence of humans to reek some havoc on the lawns in particular. We enjoyed our visit nonetheless. Here’s a photo blog of our visit.

Dahlias and Phlox against manor backdrop

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