A Visit to Norway

Bergen harbour, Norway
Norwegian harbour of Bergen with Mount Fløyen in the background. © Karen Netto (Andrews)

In summer 2017, I attended an international translation conference in Bergen, Norway. After the conference, I took some time to explore the city on foot and enjoy the amazing Norwegian scenery. I also wandered around the fascinating fish market.

I took a short trip to the top of Mount Fløyen on the Fløibanen funicular railway. The weather was bright and clear up there. I enjoyed spectacular views over the city, fjords and mountains.

Top left to bottom right: Bergen funicular railway track; the train; views over Bergen, Norway.

After admiring the views, I went for a walk in the woods and beside the lake. I was surprised to discover a tarmac path. I soon realised why when I stepped off the path into a carpet of moss. My feet sunk into the moss like into a sponge full of water, despite days of dry weather. I saw a motorised wheelchair whizz by me on the path. The wood also contained a great play area for children complete with trolls.

On the next day, I took the Flåm railway from Bergen through spectacular natural scenery, including mountains with huge waterfalls. On arrival in Flåm, I avoided the touristy retail park. Instead, I climbed the hill trail to enjoy the views and wildflowers.

Left to right: View over Flåm; Waterfall views from Flåm Railway.

All photos © Karen Netto (Andrews)

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