Enjoying Gardens at a Distance

Native Honeysuckle, Lonicera sp., scents the air as you pass by. On RHS list of Garden Plants for Pollinators. (Caprifoliaceae) © Karen Netto (Andrews)

The Coronavirus shutdown has led to a greater appreciation of the trees, shrubs and other plants in my immediate environment. I have been lucky that it has been possible to sit out in a garden and go for daily walks in quiet countryside. I have enjoyed not only the plants in our garden, but also those in gardens that I pass on my daily exercise walks. I pay particular attention to fragrant plants with pollinators. This photo blog shares a few of my discoveries.

California Lilac, Ceanothus sp. with an incoming bumblebee. This shrub was so popular with bumblebees and honey bees that it buzzed and hummed with their constant activity. It appears on the RHS list of recommended garden plants for pollinators. (Rhamnaceae) © Karen Netto (Andrews)
Pendulous, yellow racemes of local Laburnum trees are stunning. You can hear unseen pollinators buzzing overhead as you pass. Unfortunately, the tree is poisonous to humans, but bees love it. (Fabaceae) © Karen Netto (Andrews)
The scent of this aromatic Mexican Orange Blossom, Choisya sp., was somewhat dampened by the rain when I passed it. Some shrubs have an ability to look stunning no matter what the weather. (Rutaceae) © Karen Netto (Andrews)
White Lilac, Syringa vulgaris, perfumes the air with its heavenly fragrance. Its white flowers stand out even on a dull day. Lilac provides a nectar source for butterflies and can act as a corridor for wildlife between a garden and the countryside (Oleaceae) © Karen Netto (Andrews)

© Karen Netto (Andrews)

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