Greek Wild Flower Tour

Anacamptis morio, Green-winged Orchid (Orchidaceae) in grassland, Epirus, Greece
© Karen Andrews

An empty nest in June 2017 gave me the opportunity to go on the holiday of my choice. I chose a rambling and wild flower tour of Epirus, Greece with Travel Editions. It reignited my childhood fascination for wild flowers leading to the MSc. in Plant Diversity and a career change. I have been reminiscing while sorting my photos during the Coronavirus lockdown. The colours, light and spectacular scenery are conveyed, even though I only used my iPad to take photos during the tour.

Orchids (Orchidaceae)

Epirus has an amazing range of Orchids.

Other Wild Flowers

The region is unspoilt. The mountain air quality was restorative with little traffic on the roads. Everywhere seemed to be bursting with wild flowers. There were rare and endemic plants. Some plants were recognisable as the origin of UK garden varieties. Even the common plants transported me back in time to my childhood, when hedgerows seemed to spill over with wild flowers. Here are some of my favourite Greek flowers.

Iris sintenisii, Spuria Iris (Iridaceae) in Epirus, Greece. © Karen Andrews

One lasting memory is how happily the butterflies, moths and other insects buzzed around. It seemed like we had lost that biodiversity until the Coronavirus shutdown.

Sunset at the end of the holiday at the Harbourside in Corfu Town, Corfu. © Karen Andrews

This spring has reminded me of my Greek holiday. I hope to visit again one day. Travel seems unlikely this year. In the meantime, my photos are happy reminders.

© Karen Andrews

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