Autumn Walk at Blaise Castle

Blaise Castle Estate’s Mansion House now a museum near Henbury in Bristol
© Karen Netto (Andrews) 2018-19

When you arrive at Bristol’s Blaise Castle Estate, you see a huge expanse of lawn in front of you and magnificent woodland in the near distance. The parkland was laid out by the famous landscape designer, Humphry Repton (1752-1818). You half expect the ladies walking in the distance to appear in crinolines. As the museum and gardens were closed during my visit, I concentrated on enjoying the autumn colours in the woodland. The woods seemed very popular with dog-walkers.

Three figures walk in the distance against the autumn tree backdrop designed by Humphry Repton
© Karen Netto (Andrews) 2018-19

The parkland possesses some magnificent oak trees. Bristol City Council’s tree management included leaving fallen trunks to encourage biodiversity and brambles at the base of trees to support regeneration.

Streamside walk at Blaise Castle Estate. © Karen Netto (Andrews) 2018-19

Some trees had already shed their leaves revealing Mistletoe and thoughts that Christmas will soon be upon us.

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© Karen Netto (Andrews) 2018-19

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