A Mossy Paradise

A criss-crossing maze of mossy branches at Ebbor Gorge, near Wookey Hole, Somerset
© Karen Andrews

A New Year’s Day walk at Ebbor Gorge had an otherworldly quality. It felt as if you had stepped into the Land that Time Forgot. The abundance of ferns and mosses on fallen tree trunks created an eerie atmosphere. A dinosaur might have appeared at any minute. The Gruffalo did …

Ferns were even growing in the mossy covering of fallen trees and branches
© Karen Andrews

Ebbor Gorge seems to be a bryologists’ paradise. Tree trunks, branches and stones were covered in thick, mossy coats. I was left kicking myself for leaving my identification guide behind. Here are just a few of the discoveries:

The presence of lichen amid the mosses testifies to the air quality.

A stream runs through the valley. Children enjoyed paddling through it in wellies.

Children are delighted to discover the Gruffalo and Mouse in the forest valley. It seems that the Mouse ate too many sweets over Christmas and lost a tooth.

Ebbor Gorge’s ‘Gruffalo‘ in close-up
© Karen Andrews
Ebbor Gorge’s ‘Gruffalo’ from a safer distance in the valley floor © Karen Andrews

The New Year Climb from the valley floor to the top of Ebbor Gorge proved quite wet, muddy and slippery. The nature reserve has an alternative route that avoids the rock climb.

The only flowers in evidence were on Herb Robert and Brambles. Open Hazel catkins showed that spring might not be too far away. The local people spoke of great displays of Bluebells for a return in May.

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