Identifying Greater Periwinkle

The 5 partially fused petals of Greater Periwinkle, Vinca major, resemble a windmill or propeller.
© Karen Netto (Andrews)

Sometimes apparently simple flowers can turn out to be some of the most beautiful. They tend to go largely unnoticed against spectacular garden cultivars in the summer. Your appreciation for the simplest flower is renewed in winter when there is little else around. The Greater Periwinkle (Vinca major) is just such a flower with 5, partially fused petals that remind you of a windmill or propeller.

Side view of Greater Periwinkle (Vinca major) reveals 4 of the 5 sepals
© Karen Netto (Andrews)

Distinguishing Hairs Visible with Hand Lens

A hand lens is a useful botanical magnifying tool to help you identify small features 
© Karen Netto (Andrews)

The identification of other distinguishing characteristics requires a hand lens. You should then be able to see tiny hairs on the sepals (above) and on the edges of the evergreen leaves (below). These hairs are absent on Lesser Periwinkle, Vinca minor.

Visible hairs along dark green, evergreen leaf margins help identify Greater Periwinkle (Vinca major)
© Karen Netto (Andrews)

Copyright Note 

© Karen Netto (Andrews)

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